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Weight Loss & Disease Reversal

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Come learn how lifestyle medicine has helped these people loose, weight reverse chronic disease and completely turn their lives around!

The Lift Project

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The Lift Project is a fascinating wellbeing adventure designed to life individuals, groups and organizations. It uniquely brings together scientifically- proven strategies from the exciting fields of Neuroscience, Positive Psychology and Lifestyle Medicine.

Recipe Videos

Easy Healthy Recipes

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Trying to find healthier recipes but they all seem too difficult? Look no further come watch Trish create simple plant based recipes live from the Plant Strong 4 Life kitchen.

Because of CHIP (The Complete Health Improvement Program) I will model this lifestyle for my family, encouraging them to become plant strong as well. The fact that CHIP encompasses food and dynamic movement; along with mental and emotional aspects, I believe it will allow me to be my best in retirement! Thank you for your knowledge, help and all of the delicious meals! I am now ready to delve into the optimal lifestyle for good.

Karin Reinbold, Graduate of the CHIP Program

It is not often that one can say, “That girl saved my life”.  But I can! Because she did.  She shared with me much later that I was the one of the few for her too.  By that she meant that she could not read me those first few classes.  Apparently people are very obviously believing the science or choosing to turn a blind eye.  But me – my stern face and my solemn questions – they threw her for a loop.  Oh I couldn’t believe it all right – I could not believe my entire life had been a lie. Every thing I thought I knew to be true about food and nutrition was untrue. To make it worse – the people I trusted most were the culprits.  Being a 50ish woman – it took me a few classes to get over the shock, dismay and anger before I could relax again and be myself.  But a newer, better self – or so this bubbly, sweet, encouraging and pretty young, very pregnant with-twins girl told me.  I couldn’t help but believe her – because she lives the life every day and did not pretend to be perfect and did not expect me to be either.  In truth – she had me at ‘you can eat all you want’.  Having been dieting for literally more than half of my life this sounded really really good to me. BUT what to eat? What to cook? No worries she said – “start small”. She then proceeded to bring us dinner for each and every class.  But not just any dinner .  These dinners were not difficult to make, absolutely delicious to eat and made with ingredients purchased at Amazon, Trader Joes, Walmart, Target, Publix and the like. Now that we had the eating down pat – ugh – exercise.  Naturally Trish made exercise sound very doable.  Once again – she assured us that Yes – we can do this – start small. The lessons continued to assure us when it came to how important it is to take care of ourselves mentally too.  Don’t be so hard on yourselves – she said.  If you suddenly find yourself at the drive thru at Taco Bell, “It’s OK!”, she said.  “Don’t let this completely derail your journey! Get back on track tomorrow!”  Every time I am with this brilliant young woman I am humbled and learn something new.  She is more than my teacher and life saver – she is my friend.!

Karen Attanasio, Graduate of the CHIP Program


Trish Smith

Hi my name is Trish Smith I am a wife to the one and only Mr. John Smith, a mother of 3 amazing plant strong kids, a decent cook, and in my spare time a certified lifestyle medicine educator. I have a passion for sharing the benefits of plant based nutrition with individuals so they can live life to the fullest!

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