Jim Silvia

What CHIP Did For Me

Every year I visit with my primary care physician for an annual physical. For the last five years I would have the same conversation with my doctor about reducing my total cholesterol. Each year my doctor would suggest that I begin taking a statin drug to lower my cholesterol and I would decline promising to eat less of the foods that he told me to avoid. In January of 2019, I had my blood drawn for Collier County Public Schools Pathways Program. When I received my blood results I noticed that my total cholesterol had increased in one year from 185 to 198. My annual physical was going to be in March of 2019, so to avoid the statin conversation with my physician I decided to sign up for a CHIP class on January 14, 2019.

My Blood Work Results:

                                         January 25, 2019                                               August 27, 2019

Weight                            207                                                                            180

Waist Circumference   39                                                                                36

Blood Pressure             113 / 77                                                                      112/72

HDL Cholesterol            55                                                                                42.6

LDL Cholesterol             128                                                                               73

Total Cholesterol           198                                                                              129

Triglycerides                   61                                                                                  63

Before starting CHIP I was beginning to notice that my energy level was decreasing and that completing daily exercise activities were becoming more and more challenging. As a runner I was noticing that my pace per mile was slowing down from an average pace of 10 minute miles to running anywhere from 11 minute miles to 12 minute miles.

It has now been over a year since I began the plant based lifestyle.  I am now eating a variety of different delicious foods and I am making healthier food choices each day. CHIP class has given me the knowledge, tools and support systems to eat healthier, acquire more energy, think clearer and feel so much better.  My running has improved and my workout each day has become easier. I am actually looking forward to meeting with my physician this March to discuss this year’s blood work.

Trish Smith

I had struggled with my weight my entire life trying diet after diet and usually I’d have some success but without fail, the diet would end and I would gain the original weight back plus some. It wasn’t until I adopted a Plant Strong Lifestyle that I was able to loose 100 pounds and keep it off for the years to come. Throughout my weight loss journey I learned how to center my diet around whole plant based foods, and that gave me the ability to eat until I was satisfied and not feel deprived from delicious food. I was able to remain at a healthy weight even while carrying twin babies to 39 and a half weeks. I know my twin pregnancy would not have been as smooth as it was if I hadn’t already lost the weight and been living a healthy lifestyle . I hope my story is an encouragement to other and shows that you can take control of your health and happiness and it all starts with whats at the end of your fork, your knife and your spoon, so don’t wait, start adding more fiber rich foods to every meal and you too can achieve ideal health while still living life to the fullest!

Trish Smith 100 lbs weight loss!